I am writing my first english post :). If required, i will post some of my posts in english.

During my BPC project in Petronas, i developed a custom “insert member dialog” for BPC input template via MACRO and API of SAP EPM Add-in. Similar to standard insert member dialog, has also some extra features like filtering members on the fly without sending request to server, holding all the data in the memory during data input not to have perfor
mance issues, showing selected attributes and of course inserting member to the input form.

Main purpose of using insert member dialog is, if any mapping or one-by-one data entry is required, user should not see all members of all dimensions (or you will see thousands of rows ).

Here are some screen shots;

First of all logo, i always pay extra attention for the name, logo and motto of the product.

After presenting to customer :) of course they removed all logo and colors. I replaced everyting with petronas logo and colors but hide some easter eggs inside the macro :D.


Here is the loading screen; (when you right click the related column, it automatically triggers).

Loading is done only for once at the beginning when you right click. Later, program always use memory variable to access values.


And after dimension members are loaded; here is the list.


Also you can select which attribute to be listed.


And here isthe result after selected .


After that, you simply double click and select member. Same approach applied to all dimensions listed here.

Control is dynamic and can be assigned to any dimension, nothing is hardcoded here.

And here is the easter egg :) when you type “who” a popup appears including my name






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