hey everyone!

During my BPC on HANA project we noticed that developing everything on ABAP side doesn’t reflect the HANA performance at all. We decided to move all development to HANA layer by using HANA procedures and AMDP method. 

I noticed that using SQL engine rather than CE engine really slows down your calculations. I just tried a simple example of my cost allocation query and there is a big difference between using CE functions and SQL statement.

Some ppl say CE functions are dead already :) better to use graphical calcultion views but here is the results;

First one is written by CE functions only and took 122ms, second one is traditonal SQL select statement with joins and took 224 ms.



And here is the execution plan of optimized query.

SELECT plan CE_plan


Detailed execution plan;

CE Detay Plan






And here is the SQL select statement execution plan.


i assume all is due to parallel processing which is done inside the calculation engine. It really helped me a lot in many calculations and give better results. Drawback of using CE functions are; they are not very flexible, sending parameter is really painful and some limitations under some conditions.






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